Difference between Playing Online and Land-based Slots

Posted on / Anna Jensen

In the world of slot games, players always have choices in playing, such as in playing online version or the land-based one. Some players may prefer one over the other as they are different in many aspects. But, what is actually the difference between playing online and land-based slots? Which one benefit players better?

Difference between Playing Online and Land-based Slots

Difference between Playing Online and Land-based Slots

Difference between Playing Online and Land-based Slots


Let’s see how they differ from each other in term of accessibility.

Playing land-based slot means you come to a certain land where slots are provided. It requires you to travel to some places even to the ones hundreds miles away from where you reside. Travelling that distance doesn’t automatically guarantee you to find the games you are comfortable with. If this happens, another journey should be taken to be able to play the games you think you may gain the best profit.

Fortunately, technology has made our lives easier in many aspects, including this slot game. Slots are now at your fingertips as the online slots keeps improving. The only travel you need to make is from one room of your house to another to find your best spot to play the games through your phone.

Now, you do not need to worry to find yourself entertainment. Be it rain or drizzling, windy or stormy, dressing up well or pajamas, set your account ready and give the online slots a go!

The games availability

A land-based slot does come with many games to play. From those options, you can choose any game that suits your interest and skill best to gain the best return. However, a land-based slot comes with many limitations. A premise provided for a casino is unable to cover all kinds of games that may available in this world. Even if it does, the casino is unable to provide enough machines to accommodate any number of players coming to the casino. You may find yourself end up in a queue to wait for another play finishing their game.

From the case above, you may turn your preference to online slots. No matter how many online slots player are around you, you can just simply play your chosen game without queueing, as long as you’ve got your computer or mobile phone. Online slot is also able to cover wide range of game variations, playing options, and betting options.

Others worth taking into consideration

Online slot has a big advantage that the land-based one cannot offer. It is the high payout percentage. As online slot does not have overhead costs like the land-based one, they are able to make their payout percentage higher. The higher the percentage a slot machine offers, the more interesting the slot is.

Only from the factors of accessibility and game availability, we can already differentiate one slot to another and tell which one accommodates players’ needs more. The difference between playing online and land-based slots may show one is better than the other. However, it all depends on the players’ preference. So, which one do you like better?