Things to Follow in Dragon Tiger Casino Card Game

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Dragon tiger is another kind of casino card game. It is a popular Asian betting game where the players play with more than one decks of card. Different with the other card game, in playing dragon tiger, you will not play against the banker. You need to choose where you want to place the bet, either on the tiger or dragon. The winner is those who place the bet on the highest ranking card. Let’s learn more about dragon tiger by learning things to follow in dragon tiger casino card game.

Things to Follow in Dragon Tiger Casino Card Game

Things to Follow in Dragon Tiger Casino Card Game

Things to Follow in Dragon Tiger Casino Card Game

Know and Understand About Placing Bet

As mentioned before, in playing dragon tiger casino card game, you will place your money either on the dragon or tiger. The banker will place the cards faced up on the table. The one who has the highest ranking cards wins the game. However, there are two important rules. First, the aces cards are low value then the second is the tie hands allow the house to take a half of the money bet.

Using Suit-Based Strategy

You might say that among the other casino games, dragon tiger is influenced by luck the most. However, it does not mean that there is no strategy to play dragon tiger. One of the best way to keep in track is by knowing which suits that have been dealt mostly. In other words, it shows that the best strategy in playing dragon tiger is suit-based strategy.

Other Betting Options

In order to have a higher chance of winning the game, you can also use another betting option. So, the betting options is not only the dragon bet, tiger bet, tie, and suit bets but also small and big bets. Big bet occurs if the value of the card is more than 7 and the small bet occurs if the value is under seven. However, big bet and small bet is not always the proper option.

Tie Bet is The Worst

Tie bet pays 8 to 1. It seems interesting but it is better to avoid the tie bet because the house edge is 32.77%. Let’s calculate. Among the 86.320 hand combinations, the ties will be only 6.488 so your chance of losing the game is higher than winning the game. So, it is very clear that tie bet is worst bet along with suited bet.

Betting on Dragon or Tiger

In dragon tiger, the best betting is on the dragon or the tiger especially if you prefer not to use strategy. It has the lowest house edge percentage among all the other bets. So, if the dragon or tiger has the highest ranking card, you will win the game and you get even more money from the bet.

Compared to another card games, dragon tiger is quite simple to play. It does not need too much strategy because it depends on the players’ choice after all. By knowing things to follow in dragon tiger casino card game, you can learn more and then practice what you get from the explanation.