Trusted Tips when Playing Live Roulette

Posted on / Anna Jensen

One of the reasons why many players love to play Roulette is because they do not need to learn a lot. What players need to do is simply to know how to place a bet, some basic tips, and limitations. If you plan on playing Roulette game, here we present you the trusted tips when playing live Roulette.

Trusted Tips when Playing Live Roulette

Trusted Tips when Playing Live Roulette

Trusted Tips when Playing Live Roulette

  • Know how Roulette Wheel Works in Live Roulette Game

There is a common thought among Roulette players about how Roulette wheel works. Many players have agreed on the slight imbalance that every Roulette wheel has. This imbalance results in some numbers that appear more than the others. Some Roulette players then exploit this for their advantage.

However, this unbalanced Roulette wheel doesn’t appear in online casino games like Live Roulette, although this Roulette game variant also uses the real Roulette tables. Yet, there is no casino will ever let the wheel become unbalance as this might create a risk that some players will use that for their advantage.  So, trust no longer on the saying that these numbers will occur more in the Roulette game.

  • Know the Kinds of Bets

In playing Live Roulette, it is advisable for you to understand the kinds of betting option available. Knowing the kinds of bets will hinder you from small payout.

The bets can be grouped into two: the outside bet and the inside bet. The outside bets are the Red/Black bets, odd/even bets, and the 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12 bets. Meanwhile, the inside bet are the corner bets, split bets, corner bets, etc.

In playing Live Roulette, it is better to choose the outside bets because it is going to pay you 1 to 1 or 2 to 1.  Besides, playing with outside bet is also advisable whenever you want to place a large bet.  Actually, you can also still make a large bet with the inside bet. What you need to do is making some outside bets to cover you losses.

  • Don’t Rely on Betting System

You may have encountered many Roulette experts recommending betting system to win the Roulette game. The betting system may look like tempting as it enables you to win big bucks. However, before trying it, you do need to consider how much bankroll you have and how long you are able to play the game.

One thing for sure, betting system will only work in the long run, not in the short period of playing time. Playing in the long run requires huge payroll and long time, which may not be favorable for many players. So, if you think you only have limited bankroll and limited time, never ever consider playing your Live Roulette with the betting system. Even if you are ready to play with huge bankroll and long time, it is still a better choice of not using it since not many experts have proven this betting system mathematically reliable.

Many players think they can earn big money by playing Roulette. But not all of them realize that they winning big cash is only possible if the can use the right strategy. Simply follow the trusted tips when playing Live Roulette above to enhance your winning chances and your winning amount of money.